Tourist Routes

The precise status of some of Ontario's "Tourist Routes" is clouded, while many others seem to be quickly passing into oblivion. While some portions of the following Tourist Routes prior to the late-1990s used to use county, regional and municipal streets and roads in their course, the majority of the routes utilized the provincial highway system. In light of the massive changes in the provincial highway system where thousands of kilometres of highways were turned back to the local authorities (counties, regions, cities, etc.), it has become clear that many of the former Tourist Routes have gone by the wayside. Each of Ontario's Tourist Routes designated as of 1997 are included below including any newer ones which may have been designated since. If you plan to follow one, make sure you have an up-to-date road map!

NOTE: Complete listings for each Tourist Route will be located here soon. In the meanwhile, feel free to visit the Other Highways page at the former Ontario Highways website.