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The original intent of the Ontario Highways website back in 1997 was to list every provincial highway within Ontario and various information about each. As time as marched on additional in-depth information has been added in order to round out the site, much of which is now linked from this page.



  • Downloading 1997-98 - While not the first time (nor the last) when the province handed back certain highways to local jurisdictions, the massive downloading spree in the late-1990s was, by far, the greatest. The impact was felt across the province, most acutely in the southern portions. This page details the transfers which took place in 1997 and 1998.
  • Burlington Bay Skyway - Crossing the inlet to Hamilton Harbour, the body of water separating Hamilton and Burlington, the James Allen Burlington Bay Skyway is an important link in the QEW between Fort Erie and Toronto.
  • Garden City Skyway - like its relation to the west at Burlington, the Garden City Skyway is another important link in the QEW, spanning theb busy Welland Canal at St Catharines.
  • History of the QEW - Ontario's first superhighway and site of the first cloverleaf interchange in North America, the history of the Queen Elizabeth Way is a long and interesting one. This page attempts to chronicle that history.
  • History of the 401 - Hwy 401, oftentimes referred to as "Ontario's Main Street," is another major transportation corridor. While not quite as old as the QEW, it still has had a major impact on transportation and settlement in the province. This page documents the history of this major thoroughfare.
  • Additional articles are planned...