Other Ontario Highways

While the original intent--and still a major focus--of the Ontario Highways website was to catalog the various numbered provincial highways, there are other types of marked highways in the province. Some of the "other" highways are posted along the numbered routes, while others have nothing to do with the provincially-maintained system of highways. Because of this, the signing of some of these "other" types of highways may be less than thorough and detailed maps may need to be consulted in order to follow them.

Other Highways

  • Great Lakes Circle Tours - The Great Lakes Circle Tours are marked routes circling four of the Great Lakes, with Ontario hosting portions of the Lake Superior, Lake Erie and Lake Huron routes. This portion of the website details each of these.
  • Tourist Routes - This page details the various Tourist Routes across the province, many of which have or are in the process of fading into history.
  • Municipal Freeways - Even before the era of provincial highway downloading in the 1990s, Ontario had its share of freeways which were not maintained by the provincial government. This page catalogues them.