Welcome to the new home of the Ontario Highways website. While some content is available at this location at this time, the remaining information currently found at the former Ontario Highways website is being migrated to this new location over the coming weeks and months. In addition, much more new information is also being included in this new site layout.

The Ontario Highways website has been online since 1997 and the current site redesign and transformation began in 2005 with an expected completion sometime in 2009. However, the site is expected to be much more dynamic in the future and updates will be made as changes to the provincial highway system occur.

Unfortunately, the previous website hosted on AOL was unceremoneously removed (along with all other personal websites hosted at AOL) in late 2008, so no redirect is available at this time to the former site.

As always, visitor feedback, comments, corrections and suggestions are eagerly accepted, including comments on the recent site redesign. Follow the various links under the About This Site menu at left for more on how to provide your welcomed feedback. Also be sure to check out the many other Ontario highway-related websites listed on the Related Links page.

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Hwy 8 northbound at Kitchener